Common Household Molds Ans Getting Rid Of Them

There are many thousands of types of molds found both indoors and out. These molds all have varying levels of effects on humans and animals; from no effect at all to possible death due to long-term exposure. Many of them can cause chronic health problems if not discovered and removed early enough. Listed below are some common types of mold and information regarding them.

Cladosporium Mold - This a mold that has a black spotted appearance to it and is often found in bathroom areas in the tank of the toilet itself. Cladosporium is not toxic however all molds can have a negative health impact and cause allergic reactions. Symptoms caused by this type of mold can include congestion, sinus issues, irritated eyes and skin, runny nose, sore throat, coughing and fatigue. Long-term effects can include nose bleeds, joint pain and swelling and ear/upper respiratory inflammation. Make yourself one of the luckiest person who learn about the mold removal services click now.

Penicillium - This is an extremely common mold found on moist, decaying organic matter; you've most often seen this on moldy food. It is green, blue or white and has a somewhat fuzzy texture to it. Allergy to penicillium is fairly common, issues range from headaches, congestion, watery eyes and runny nose onto severe to moderate asthma.

Mucor - This is another common mold that is very small and black/blue in color. This is a common mold found when bread begins to decay. It is a well-known food contaminate. Mucor is very harmful, causing many problems within the respiratory system, but also sometimes spreading to the digestive tract. It can cause infections within the kidneys and on the skin as well. It has also been known to form blood clots which block vessels to the brain. Be more curious about the information that we will give about mold removal services click here.

Alternaria - Alteraria is thought to be a common cause or exacerbator of asthma. Mostly found outdoors, it can find its way inside after attaching itself to dust mites. Dust mites which are inhaled distribute alternaria into the respiratory system, heading through the bronchial tubes and into the lungs. There are ways to treat asthma but it can be a dangerous and difficult disease to deal with. Cleanup of alternaria can be done with a commitment to environment changes within your living space.

These are only a few common household molds, there are many more as well as extremely harmful toxic black molds. If you have a visible mold problem or think that mold hidden within your home may be the cause of health problems and are located in the area, contact a qualified and experienced mold remediation and removal service. Click the link for more info about mold removal

Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation is the thorough examination and removal of mold infestations in homes and businesses throughout the Greater area. Inspection of any home during purchase or sale should always be a priority, mold inspection will be part of this process. Molds can be as harmless as simply being unsightly, or they can be extremely dangerous and toxic, causing serious health problems that can even lead to death. The mold remediation and removal is performed by certified and experienced technicians. They provide full service mold inspection as well and the process will include sampling, and adherence to remediation protocols with the latest tools and equipment for the job. Don't hesitate, mold removal should happen as soon as any mold is discovered.